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Annuity or Drawdown? – that is the question It doesn’t matter if you are looking to convert your pension pot into income, considering a DB transfer or running a drawdown plan, one the most questions in financial planning is whether to buy an annuity or invest in a drawdown plan. Before looking at this important question let’s be clear on the terminology. Annuities They are a ty ...

Advice fess - Value for money Talking fees with clients can be difficult. Some clients willing accept the fees whilst other clients challenge the proposed fees and want us to justify the fees for the advice we are giving. Therefore, I included a chapter on fees in my latest guide, Retirement Advice; art or science? I struggled at first to find a way of discussing fees, then ...

I monitor annuity rates and bond yields on a regular basis and I was surprised and shocked to notice the GAD interest rate for July is 1%. This is the lowest level ever recorded since GAD was introduced in 1996. The GAD rate is based on the yield for 15-year gilts and before pension freedoms it was important because it determined the maximum income from capped drawdown. Since ...

Engage with advice I want to help people make the right decisions at retirement but it seems many people don’t want to help themselves by properly engaging with advisers. In the old days (whenever that was), people were more open to taking advice and more trusting of experts but nowadays many people have a closed mind to advice and don’t necessarily trust advisers. This has n ...

We are living in uncertain times It is an understatement to say that we are currently in uncertain times. The outcome of the Brexit negotiations is uncertain, we don’t know the outcome of Trump’s trade war with China and the financial markets are up and down like a yo-yo. When markets are volatile, what advice do we give our clients? It is easy to hide under the umbrella that ...

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