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William Burrows

I first became involved with annuities in 1993 when I helped establish Annuity Direct which was one of the first and most successful specialist annuity brokers. In 1999 I joined Prudential Annuities as their marketing director for annuities and after two years I returned to advising individual clients.

From 2001 to 2009 I ran a very successful business called William Burrows Annuities (WBA). For the first seven years WBA was a trading name of Aspen (actuaries and pension consultants) plc. I not only advised clients from all walks of life on all aspects of annuity and drawdown, I help set up Aspen Annuities which was appointed to a number of well-known companies to arrange annuities for their members. In 2007 Aspen sold out to Capita and I moved my business to MPL, a financial adviser based in London.

In July 2009, I transferred my business to a company which eventually became Better Retirement. I worked with two well-respected Chartered Financial Planners; first David Cummins and then Tim Eadon.

Better Retirement became one the most respected annuity and drawdown advisers and were appointed by two large national groups to provide their annuity services.

In 2013 I left Better Retirement to focus on my consultancy business which included short spells with Annuity Line and Key Retirement. My consultancy business, Retirement Intelligence has published a number of thought leadership papers - see my list of publications.

In 2016, I rejoined Better Retirement so that clients can get expert and specilaised advice on all aspects of annuities and drawdown .

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William Burrows

William Burrows

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